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Because children need to explore a variety of interests as well as develop physical abilities, a number of Enrichment Activities are offered as options.  While Spanish is included in pricing, a variety of other activities are available at an additional cost.


Computer Explorers

(ages 2+)

The main objective of Computer Tots / Computer Explorers is to provide children with the technology skills they will need to excel in the world of tomorrow.  Seven unique subjects are introduced as the focus of a fun and educational process.

Soccer Shots

Fun, Skills and Sportsmanship! These values are just part of the focus on character development in Soccer Shots, the official 2 to 5- year-old program of the U.S. Youth Soccer.  


Angela's Angels

From cartwheels, rolls and handstands to exercises on balance beams and bars, this program includes age appropriate fitness activities that will enhance and develop strength, agility and speed.

Bitty Ballerinas

This Pre-Ballet program introduces young dancers to both movement and basic concepts of ballet technique.  Balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength are all improved. Ballerinas also learn poise, determination, patience, and so much more.

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